Adidas – dieckertschmidt

In order to bring more traffic to the Adidas online Shop and to use their unique customizing feature, we’ve selected an Adidas classic item that the brand’s fans could personalize, presenting: mi-adilette.

We’ve started by asking Adidas stars to create their own personalized adilette, from these designs a campaign was launched, both in print and digital. There was a boom in owned media, being the campaign mentioned among social media channels, blogs and even on the news.

Results: 62.287 impressions on landing page; Increase of  1.706% in product views; +3.082% in online sales in 28 days.

2x GOLD – Web Campaign | Annual Multimedia Award
SILVER – Social Media Activation | Das Jahr der Werbung
BRONZE – Digital Campaign | ADC Deutschland
SHORTLIST – Dialog Cross Media Campaign | ADC Deutschland




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